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        Prior to print__ Language was a full body experience.
        Poets, troubadours and storytellers created delight in language __
        with its diversity of sounds, rhythmic textures and compositional structures.
        The power of language to make moving pictures,
        dramatic emphasis and surprising stillness
        can belong to your students as it did to the ancient storytellers.



        During the first week of residency, each class learns a traditional story by setting the sounds of words into gestures and the internal structure of the story into geometric/archetypal movements. The result is a kind of speech dance __ or hands-on language arts. Students move in the story and in the sounds and rhythms of the words. Classes are commenced and concluded by moving a poem in the same technique. This full body architecture of language ignites your students' birth right primal delight in language and enhances their writing, reading and artistic appreciation of language.



        In a second week of residency, students deepen their knowledge by working in groups on a story dance of their own design. By the residency's end, students will understand how a story builds interest through its structure, how rhythm and word sequencing in a phrase helps to create meaning, how to make sophisticated word choices, retell a traditional story from memory, Speak (or read) a story with beautiful and engaging elocution, develop a sense of their own presence and movement in space and feel confident and comfortable while presenting a story before an audience.




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